When will I get my box?
Answer :
Please allow between 5–7 business days for shipping (included in the cost of your box!). You will receive a tracking number each time a box is shipped.
What’s in a box?
Answer :
1 X 6-piece Baby Romper Set (Which Includes 1 Short Sleeve Bottom-button Romper, 2 Long Sleeve Romper, 1 Pair of Pants, 1 Bib and 1 Pair of Feet Covers)
2 X 100% Organic Cotton Cloth Diapers With Inserts
1 X 100% Muslin Cotton Baby Burp Cloth
1 X Baby Grooming Kit (Includes Nail Clipper, Scissors, Tweezers, Earpick, Nail File and Toe/fingernails Maintenance Tool)
1 X 100% Muslin Swaddle Blanket - 120cm X 120cm
1 X 100% Cotton Teddy Bear Toy
1 X Baby Bottle - BPA Free, 8 Oz
1 X 100% Maple Wood Teething Toy (Chemical Free and Natural)
1 X Bundle Bear Vinyl Sticker
What is Bundle Bear Box?
Answer :
Bundle Bear Box is all about celebrating new lives with gift boxes for new moms and babies.
Do you deliver to hospitals?
Answer :
Yes we can arrange delivery to hospitals, however please note that new moms are usually in hospital for 2-4 days depending if it is a public or private hospital. It is best to make sure with the hospital that the recipient will still be a patient based on the delivery times to avoid having the gift re-directed which will incur an additional re-delivery fee. We would be most grateful if you could provide as much detail as possible (e.g. Ward and Room details). Also please ensure the correct surname that is registered as often the new mommy is registered under their maiden name rather than their married name. Please also note that for security reasons some hospitals do not allow couriers into the Maternity Ward and the gift is generally taken to the central delivery point (e.g reception, delivery dock etc) where internal hospital arrangements are made to ensure the gift is then delivered to the patient.
Where is Bundle Bear Box available?
Answer :
We are happy to announce that as of now, we are shipping to the US and Canada. We are working on getting an affordable international shipping rate for the rest of the world.
How do I change my shipping address for a placed order?
Answer :
If you accidentally ordered your box to a wrong address, contact Bundle Bear immediately to check if your order already has been processed. If so, unfortunately your box is on the way to the wrong address. If not, we will change the shipping address.
I did not get my box. What should I do?
Answer :
We are making our best to make sure you receive your box in a timely manner; this is the reason why we are sending you an email with a tracking number. If there is a problem with the delivery, make sure to contact the carrier (they are the ones able to tell you what happened with the delivery) and file a complaint if needed.
The Bundle Bear Box is 'sold out'! Can I still place an order?
Answer :
Yes, it’s best to pre-order right now! When you place an order after the sold-out date, we’ll send you a box as soon as they are back in stock.
May I return my box?
Answer :
We do not accept returns of boxes or individual products. If you’ve received a defective or damaged product, please send an email to customerservice@bundlebearbox.com so we can find an appropriate solution.
Where do you source your gifts?
Answer :
We believe it is important to bring you the latest gift products available not only in the US but also Global Markets. We strive very hard to bring you products of the highest quality as well as products that have that extra unique factor not generally found in your everyday department store. We do all the hard work by attending several trade shows to source the best the world has to offer, including products from US and Asia.
Can my company partner with you?
Answer :
We’d be very happy to explore opportunities with you. Please contact us on contact@bundlebearbox.com
I do not receive emails from Bundle Bear, what’s wrong?
Answer :
Please check if our emails are in your spam folder. If our email is not there, please send us a quick note on customerservice@bundlebearbox.com and we’ll check it for you.
Something else?
Answer :
We would love to hear from you. Please head to the contact us page or send us a note at contact@bundlebearbox.com